Thursday, May 19, 2011

To do for Tues May 24th

1) Revise, Expand and Refine your Essay.  Final drafts are due Tues!
To receive credit drafts must be 900 words muinumum, use 4 sources minimum, include quotations, citations and a works cited page. 

2) Think through the resources you will need to write your "food philosophy final" - This weekend is your last chance to add to the class list of acceptable documents.

I'm working on the list of acceptable "other" articles; Here are a few interesting ones:

Here is the "Slow Foods" Philosophy.

The Weson Price Foundation puts out its "Principal's of a Healthy Diet" for free.

"What if Its all been a Big Fat Lie?" - From the NYT in 2020 - Gary Taubes on low-fat vs. low-carb

Interesting info on the "Paleo" or "Primal" diet - a diet based on the idea that human's evolved to eat in a different, pre-agricultural, way than we do today - can be found here

Information on the benefits of "going vegan" - eating a diet with no animal products at all - can be found here.

Here's an article on raw foodism from the NYT, called "Totally Uncooked"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Peer review of 102 Students

These students will be emailing you on Weds.  You must respond to the 5 following questions by email no later than Sat night.  Be sure to also send a cc of your email to me ( so you can get credit!!!  If no one has emailed you by this time, send me an email stating this fact by Sat PM.

1. Are the sources listed in this Annotated Bibliography reliable? Why or why not?

2. Do the sources listed seem relevant to the stated research topic? If so, how?
3. What additional sources might you suggest this student find? (Not specific articles/books per se, but what kind of information might the student still need to write this essay?)

4. Are the sources listed in correct MLA style for a Works Cited page? (You can go to for reference.)

5. Do you think this topic will make a compelling research essay? Why or why not?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Assignments April 12 - April 28th

Tues, April 12th - Final (printed and stapled) versions of your Heritage Papers are due at 9:30 AM. Remember to bring all of your sources (print them out and record the URL or bring in the books) so that you can create a Works Cited Page during class. 

Homework (due 4/14) -
  • Read Chapter 2 of Fast Food Nation.

Thursday, April 14th - I will be away, but Dr. Jacquline Jones will come in to screen the film, Supersize Me.  Be sure to take careful notes. 

Spring Break Homework (due 4/26) -
  • Write and post on your blog a 300-word personal response to your reading in Fast Food Nation and the film Supersize Me.
  • Read these articles and opinions about a proposal to ban the sale of soft drinks to those paying with food stamps.  Before class, decide which of the opinion pieces you've read seems to make the most sense to you - and be prepared to explain why!
LIBRARY VISIT - 4/28 - BE sure to meet outside the library at 9:15 sharp.  If you are late, we are in the classroom to the left of the security desk at the main entrance. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Peer Review

Today's Project:

Part One
Peer Review - You'll be carefully reviewing and commenting on the drafts of 2 classmates.  You are expected to point out all the strengths of the paper. You must also make at least one suggestion for improvement in each category (there are six given on the form).  This is a chance to help each other "upgrade" your papers - think of even your seemingly 'negative' comments for what they are - powerful bits of information that could potentially help raise your classmate's grade!!!!

Use this link to access the peer review form. 
Resave it first with a new name on your own google docs, or cut and paste as a word doc. 
Fill it in giving clear feedback and specific examples
You MAY NOT write ANYTHING on the other student's paper. 
Print out your edits and give them to the teacher.  The other student will get this feedback on Thursday....not today!  

Part Two

Reading and editing other people's writing can give you "fresh eyes" with which you can look at your own essay.   You are assigned the following task: Write at least 300 words answering these same six questions about your own writing (as a blog entry).  Try to imagine someone else wrote them...don't skim. 

On Thursday, you'll get your peers' feedback to compare and contrast with what you noticed.  This is often a really interesting experience. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Food Inc. Assignments - due Thursday!

On Tuesday you will be turning in your "heritage papers," and watching the documentary "Food Inc."

1) Blog assignment #1 - Easy! - Just cut and paste your paper (the one due today) onto your blog!

2) Blog assignement #2 -  Write a 300+ word response to the movie "Food Inc." on your blog.  You can concentrate on any elements of the movie that resonated with you.  If you have a personal experience to relate to the film, you may do so. If it inspired you, or raised questions for you or made you angry, feel free to share/vent. 

3) Read your assigned article before class and be prepared to explain it to students who have NOT read it!  It might make sense to take notes or write a brief summary to help you do so.

Group A (Benny, Jaqueline, John, James, Lydia, Natalie and Tahmina) read this article.
Group B (Estephania, Alex, Ricardo, Yan, Louise, Janiece and Jolanta) read this article and this one.
Group C (Fahema, Karla, Krystal, Miguel, Shaista and Anni) read this article.
Group D (Reyad, Dolkar, Elizabeth V, Elizabeth G, Jason, Suzie and Venice) read this article and this one.